Thursday, April 23, 2009

Virtue Alone Ennobles

School life is long, the end seems so far,
But ambitions are hitched to a star.
As we grow and we learn we shall ever remember,
Virtue Alone Ennobles.
Work and prayer our chosen way of life,
Hope and peace to gladden every day,
Confidence and courage in every form of strife,
Faith and love to conquer all the way.

:) yup school life was long yet too small,

those 12 years are now just moments to be cherished.....

we all know life changes every single moment....these 12 yrs changed everything....

from a shy gal to a confident one.....all thanks to school

Every year brought new hope....we grew, we learnt n remember it till date.

The first n last slap i got as a student was by Mrs.Pooja for frequently going to the toilet,

notebook thrown directly into the dustbin (wat a shot) by Mrs. Nathanial,

song taught by Mrs. Dogra, poems taught by Sister Morice...all seems so fresh.

6th standard brought with it tortures like sanskrit, tough tests n exams,

n also cheating :P:P Wat a wonderful time i had with winni.........

it also brought with it...sports...the love of my life....

being a part of your house team, playing and winning....aaahhhaaaa....those days :):)

i just followed the rule work harder.

Missing classes, playing, talking to Ravdeep Sir about matches, skills, games..

making plans with Rachita to win matches....were all so wonderful.

The Sports Day....running to receive shields.

Mrs. Kalra's comment "Oh my God...its again nehru house" still echoes in my ears.

Wat a day it was....i can still see myself holding the flag...

n our house marching on 3rd place...(promised myself that we will give our best to be the first)

the races, relays, P.T, last moment heart attack to anju by running the relay.....

n holding the championship trophy with rachita....

With faith in ourselves and love n support from the entire Nehru House we conquered the trophy...

it mite look too small to u but the feeling that the moment gave was big enough to handle....

Those smiles on the face of each n every member of your house, those proud eyes of your parents, those congratulations....were definitely a lifetime achievement.

Next day after farewell....cried cried n cried...n kept on asking mom...y this had to end...y??

Never wanted school life to end...but it had to :(:(

School life, batch mates n frnz have taught me a lot... n i promise

This little guiding light of mine
I`m gonna let it shine
This little guiding light of mine
I`m gonna let it shine
This little guiding light of mine
I`m gonna let it shine
Let it shine, all the time, let it s

P.S. I am not good at writing but was longing to write and this is my first post..forgive me for any mistakes...n dont forget to give your feedback.. Thanks